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Terms and Conditions

The term of this agreement will begin on the signed date of this agreement and will remain in effect until the Investigative Services are complete or otherwise discontinued by Morris Investigation Agency (M.I.A.). 

Retainer and Costs.

The Client agrees to pay Morris Investigation Agency a retainer of no less than $250, and no greater than $2500, to begin an Investigation. Alternate arrangements are at the sole discretion of the Agency. A positive retainer is required at all times. The Client will be informed before their retainer is depleted and in need of additional funds. If the Client finds that they can no longer financially provide for the Investigation, the Investigation will be deemed closed. When the Client's applicable invoices are paid in full, all appropriate case reports/media will be released to the Client or their representative.


The Investigator assigned to the Client's case will do everything in their power to reduce the costs to the Client whenever possible. 

There is a mileage charge of $1.25 per kilometer, effective from the Investigator's residence to the Surveillance location, as well as for the return trip. If the Investigator's location is deemed to be excessively far from the Investigation's target location (over 250km), there may be discussion about flat-rate or discounted mileage. This remains at the sole discretion of the Agency.

In the event that the Subject leaves the Surveillance location, the Client will be given the option for the Investigator to either a) pursue the subject, b) stay in place, or c) discontinue Surveillance. Additional mileage charges will incur if the Investigator is instructed to follow the Subject. This permission in agreement may be placed ahead of time, in order to expedite the Investigation. 

In the event that the Investigation requires the Investigator to stay out of town, the Client is to provide such hotel accommodations, as well as a per diem. These provisions are to be arranged and paid for in advance of any travel. 

Rental Costs

In some instances, a Subject will be hyper-aware and suspicious of their surroundings. Often, this can be mitigated by the Investigator changing their usual vehicle for a rental. In other, more difficult surveillance cases, the Agency will immediately inform the client that a secondary Investigator may be necessary. In both of these situations, the client will be responsible for the cost of rental charges and/or additional Investigators.

Unforeseen Complications with Surveillance.

If a Subject is directly avoiding surveillance or driving erratically, it is possible that the Investigator(s) may lose sight of the Subject. It is also possible that a Subject may be misidentified due to similarity or disparity in appearance. In such cases, billing will continue at the regular rate as the Investigator(s) attempt to relocate and resume surveillance. The Client will be informed of loss of visual as it happens, and will be given the choice as to how to proceed.

Final Report and Media (Video).

We reserve the right to withhold the final Investigative Report and all media files, including video, until the final invoices are paid in full. The Client understands that sometimes there may be technical difficulties with multimedia Evidence. In the event that there is a computer/camera/editing or other unforeseen technical issue that prevents the provision of multimedia, the client accepts that all activity witnessed by the Investigator will otherwise be thoroughly documented in the final written report.


If the Client, or any other person acting as an agent of the Client, arrives at the location of the Investigation, or approaches the Subject or Investigator while surveillance is ongoing, the Agency reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately. There will be no refunds on services. Morris Investigation Agency does not work cases for Individuals who knowingly interfere with Investigators. 

By agreeing to engage in an Investigation with Morris Investigation Agency, the Client agrees that intentionally providing misleading information to the Investigator, the Agency, or anyone else directly involved with the client's case is immediate grounds for the Investigation to be discontinued. In this instance, the Client's retainer and any other fees paid to Morris Investigation Agency will be deemed non-refundable. 


If surveillance is cancelled by the Client with notice of less than 12 hours, or if there are repeated cancellations (two or more occurrences), there will be a cancellation fee of no less than the equivalent of four (4) hours surveillance charges, at $65/hour for each occurrence.


The nature of our Agency's services provides no "guarantee". Private Investigations are dynamic, unpredictable and unique. The Client will be provided with accurate, timely reports and multimedia evidence (when possible) upon the conclusion of their Investigation. There are no refunds, exchanges or guarantees with regard to our services. Dislike of report findings or impatience does not negate the value of our services.  Note: A separate Indemnity Agreement document must be agreed to and signed before any Investigation is to begin. 

We sincerely thank you for allowing us to help you with your Investigative needs.

We promise to vigorously pursue a satisfying conclusion to your case, all while

"Investigating Outside the Box".

*These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

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