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Background Check

(Or other online research)

$35/hour (min. 4 hours, incl. Report)

There are many reasons for a background check:

  • Protect children/seniors/others when there is a new caregiver.

  • Suspected Catfishing

  • Due Diligence

  • New Hires

  • Criminal History

  • Marital/Relationship Disputes

  • Financial Scams/Fraud

  • Tenant Screening

  • Bankruptcies/Liens

  • Skip Tracing/Locates

  • And so many more!


$65/Hour, OR
$650 for 12 Hours

(Mileage charges may apply)

Surveillance is the cornerstone of many Investigations. Static or mobile and almost always covert, surveillance is an incredibly valuable asset;

Video and photos don't lie! 

With M.I.A., you can rest assured that your surveillance case will be backed up with court-ready video and written reports, with real-time updates from the assigned Investigator. 

Spot Checks

$50 (plus mileage)

Sometimes, full surveillance isn't an economical or timely option.

In this case, a spot check may be an ideal way to confirm information without the added expense and time needed for full surveillance.

For example, if the location of a Subject/vehicle/employee is what is in question, an Investigator can visit the location for a quick Investigation of the area. 

Process Serving

From $89
local mileage included, up to 20km.

Dealing with legal issues can be a very stressful time. While it's true that court documents can be served by almost anyone, it is often awkward, difficult or even dangerous to do so yourself.


 M.I.A. can take the stress and worry out of your document services!

Our licenced Private Investigators are able to serve your documents safely and timely, with video documentation (when applicable) at no extra charge. Our Investigators take care of the delivery and mailings, as well as the swearing of Affidavits at the regional Courthouse.

Can't find the person you're trying to serve? No problem! Our team is available to locate those tricky, hard-to-find defendants. 

Skip Tracing/ Person Locates 

From $50

(hourly rate applies after 1 hr)

If someone is hiding and doesn't want to be found, a Private Investigator can take the time and use the techniques necessary to find those who wish to remain hidden.


Using Open-Source Intelligence, Social Psychology and "Boots on the Ground", MIA does everything possible to find the impossibly invisible. 

Looking for more pricing? 

Try our exclusive Client App today! 

Get an instant quote, connect directly with an Investigator 24/7, request an Investigation, or send evidence and questions directly and safely with our encrypted, proprietary App. 

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