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Magnum Who? Today’s Best Private Investigators Are The Ones You Never See Coming.

We can all admit that we LOVE movies, books and tv shows about P.I.'s. For most of us in the biz, they were the inspiration for who we wanted to be "when we (finally) grew up". However, those Hawaiian-shirt wearing walking moustaches weren't based on even the slightest bit of reality. A real P.I. would NEVER drive a Ferrari, or wear wildly fancy shirts, or fly around in helicopters on the daily.

And let's just all admit it... Magnum was just too fine to blend in anywhere.

The number one goal of any decent Investigator is to be invisible. The perfect disguise is one that isn't a disguise: The average guy on the street or walking around a mall, someone waiting for a bus or a busy mom with a stroller. We blend in.

Trust me on this: if you ever DO spot a P.I. in the wild, chances are near 100% they aren't there to watch YOU.

With the sophisticated cameras available today, the Investigators at M.I.A. have the ability to choose just how close they need to be from each Subject. Often, surveillance can be completely covert, under the cover of the Investigator's vehicle. Other times, we need to get up close and (not too) personal, like when we have to follow on foot and get real-time video evidence. If absolutely necessary, we have the cameras that would allow us to stand directly beside a Subject, without even getting a second glance.

The only thing that should stand out about a Private Investigator is their professionalism... NOT their spectacular moustache.


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